BTInternet takes over IE

  ened 18:48 16 Jul 04

Can anyone help?
I have a friend's computer which came from Dixons and only has a recovery disc.
Somehow they have jammed it so that IE opens up on a registration screen with no option other than to register with BTinternet (Won't dial) or register later,which then closes the window.
I have tried: repairing IE
Setting up new a/c
Will it be safe to search for all BTInternet and delete?
They don't want to reformat which would be the obvious solution.
If I could just reclaim Internet Explorer I could do something.
I eagerly await any suggestions but cannot give further info. until tomorrow as I am off to work.

  sedgi 19:05 16 Jul 04

Is there a restore point set before IE problems.
If Not try reg-edit to remove Bt-Internet.

  ened 19:13 16 Jul 04

No Restore point.
I have delved into the murky world og Regedit before but only when I have been sure about what I have been doing.
Where would I start with this?

  ened 07:08 17 Jul 04


  AlanHo 08:04 17 Jul 04

In IE have you tried selecting
Internet Options
Home page - use blank

  sattman 11:40 17 Jul 04

I am sure others on here will be more coversant with what I assume in this instance was a specific system disk set up to include intergrated BT internet. I think that I would be inclined to try remove the existing internet exlorer and install new. However in doing so I suspect you may loose existing IE application unless you back up

  nyleridedog 11:50 17 Jul 04

try doing a internet connection wizard

goto start >run>type in inetwiz> give that ago


  ened 15:32 17 Jul 04

AlanHo: There are no toolbars, not even the task bar is visible: Only two options as mentioned above.
sattman&nyleridedog Tried both your suggestions.
This is looking increasingly as though I am going to have to use the recovery disc, which I was trying to avoid.
Thanks for trying .

  Stuartli 15:54 17 Jul 04

This is the way to use ME's System Restore (different to Windows98 and 98SE version using the Command prompt):

click here

  sattman 16:06 17 Jul 04


I suspect that maybe you will find that BTinternet is set up on the recovery disc also.

If so then you will need to install from a different source.

  Stuartli 16:20 17 Jul 04

IE used to be available regularly on magazine cover disks - if you can still find a copy it will give you a head start and enable latest, updated version to be downloaded from MS website.

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