BTInternet email problems

  diking 07 Sep 11

I recently downloaded the new BT Internet email software and have encountered a number of problems. I would dearly like to uninstal and revert back to the old software but cannot find any way of doing this as the new software is hosted by BT and not on my PC. Any suggestions.

  rtwoi 07 Sep 11

If you want to get back to BT Yahoo Classic then Login to your email account ensuring that you have the Folders list on the left hand side.

Now click on Options on the right hand side.

You should have a menu item called Mail Classic.

Click on that and confirm the change.

  diking 09 Sep 11

You misunderstand - I have moved onto the "new, faster, easier BT Yahho Mail" that was released a few weeks ago. There is no Option to revert back to the old "new" email or Classic.

  rtwoi 11 Sep 11


Have a look at

It appears from this that there is a revert button but you need to change your screen resolution to see it.

  diking 11 Sep 11

Thanks. Glad I'm not alone, but the "change resolution" fix did not work for me. When I minimised screen resolution, there was no button on the email screen to revert back to the old software.

  Forum Editor 11 Sep 11

Transferred to the Helproom

From Consumerwatch.

  Sea Urchin 11 Sep 11

It seems you can no longer switch back - this is taken from the Yahoo Helpline

Can I switch back to a previous version of Mail?

Last Updated: 06 September 2011

We have removed the "Return to Original Mail" link from the help menu as we're strongly encouraging all users to migrate to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail. We will continue to invest heavily in the latest version of Yahoo! Mail, further improving it and delivering more compelling features to our users.

We know that changing to a new interface can seem daunting, so we’ve done everything possible to make the transition easy. We have created help pages specifically for users who have recently switched to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail, highlighting differences that you may notice:

  diking 12 Sep 11

Thanks for this. Typical high-handed stuff from BT! Despite the nonsense about investing heavily in the new version, it still won't allow simple tasks like updating Contacts. And the Calendar still won't synchronise with the latest Blackberry software.

Looks like I'm going to have to ditch BT and switch to another (likely cheaper) provider.


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