BTbroadband 'disapeared'

  phaeton 16:25 07 Dec 04

from yesterday morning first thing - hardware seems ok
can't get throgh to their helpdesks - even a 'normal operator' was amazed bu tthey were engaged and not taking more calls (never known it she said)
cap it all I can't get on to click here it all gone up in smoke?

had to reconnect and install an old modem to get on here - so I won't hang around long I am afraid


  woofwoofbark 16:58 07 Dec 04

what has dissapeared ? , can you explain more .....have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling your broadband

  fred 20:53 07 Dec 04

Try discconnecting the modem USB cord, waiting a few seconds and then reconnecting wroks for me every time

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:08 07 Dec 04

I had a similar problem about a month ago. I did manage to speak to someone at BT Broadband about it and was told it was a network problem they were working on and around 3500 customers had reported problems. Later in the day it was fixed and someone phoned me back to check all was well. It is the only problem I have had with the service since getting BT Broadband last February.

  Lionheart ? 21:18 07 Dec 04

Cannot connect with your click here, the URL you typed is showing (www., I have left a space between www. bt so as it will not show as a click here.

I can connect to ok.

  Lionheart ? 21:23 07 Dec 04

Just tried to get to again, but got this message.

Thank you for visiting.

We regret that there is a temporary technical problem affecting the website. The engineers are dealing with this urgently and we are working hard to restore your service as quickly as possible. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. However, you can still access specific areas on the website by clicking the links below:

  Salinger 21:35 07 Dec 04

I suspect a typo - ...has belongs in the text before it. He should have put a space between the URL and ...!!!

  Graham ® 22:07 07 Dec 04

BT has been having computer trouble all afternoon. I tried to look at my recent calls, pages were taking 10 minutes to open. I spoke to them on 0800 328 9642, they said they couldn't help as the computer was down.

  phaeton 20:03 09 Dec 04

youcovered the bt thingy and I did fianlly get them on the phone the next day (in seconds!) - acount was fine, and line/modem was 'synched' so it was back to the PC - modem/router connection.
Turned out to be Norton Internet Security had closed the access to the modem!

Alls well now - thanks again.

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