BT Yahoo and Outlook Express

  shellship 14:30 26 Mar 07

A friend of mine is new to computers and has a Tosh laptop with BT Broadband via a wireless router. He cannot receive emails. We checked his mailbox on the BT Yahoo website and the emails are there. His original POP and smtp settings were related to but we changed these He can receive multiple automated emails from BT but cannot access those in his BT Yahoo mailbox.

I've looked at various postings in this forum but none seem to help. Anyone out there with more ideas please.

  MAJ 16:08 26 Mar 07

Does he have a Yahoo POP account? It has to be paid for, the ordinary free yahoo account does not offer POP access, so therefore he can't collect his yahoo emails using an email client (like outlook express).

  MAJ 16:13 26 Mar 07

Sorry, ignore, was thinking of yahoo web mail.

  shellship 12:27 27 Mar 07

Thanks. I suspect that one of the many messages he had from BT may have had to do with paying, or registering. Will follow this up anyway, otherwise he is going to have to talk to India again!

  yaesu 16:01 27 Mar 07

forgive stating the obvious but have you tried BT help pages, (before speaking to India!!) Regards, yaesu

  Greengage 16:08 27 Mar 07

You said you changed the Pop & Smtp settings but did you not need to have both? I don't know whether you use OE for mail in these circumstances but if you do go to Tools - Accounts - Mail and then Add-Mail to include I may be wide of the mark here!

  shellship 16:20 27 Mar 07

Thanks. Will try BT help pages and add another account - See how we go.

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