Bt Yahoo Monthly limit tracker

  salanddaz 22:57 10 Aug 04

Hi all, at home we have Bt Yahoo Broadband 1mbit which now has a 30gb per month download limit. Does anyone know of any software that can track the amount I download so I can track where I am throughout the month, the limit resets itself on the 1st of each month apparently.

Thanks for your time

  JoeC 07:34 11 Aug 04

through ?

From BT Website:-

" Check out the table below to give you an idea of what 15Gb a month usage allowance may mean to you. Please note that you will be able to do all of the below.

Surfing the Internet - 15 hours each day

Sending 250 JPEG pictures via e-mail every week

Receiving 250 JPEG pictures via e-mail every week

Downloading 250 music tracks every week

Downloading three hours of video clips every week

Listening to online radio for fifteen hours every week

Sending 3000 emails every week without (no attachments)

Receiving 3000 emails every week (no attachments)

BT will not start charging for usage above the allowances until early 2005. After this time, if you go over your monthly allowance you can decide if you want to buy more capacity, so you are in control of your bill. We will confirm prices for additional usage nearer this time but indicative prices for additional usage allowance top ups are currently £2 per additional GB, although we plan to develop a range of options that could make this even less

You can do ALL of that and that is only the 15Gb option. With your option, you can double that.
You wouldn,t be getting much sleep !! : }}

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