Bt Yahoo! Browser -error Message

  MDJ 13:49 10 Sep 05

All of a sudden I keep encountering Bt Yahoo! Browser error message that 'There are not enough system resources to run this application. Close one or more applications and try again'. When i click on Ok...the application I am downloading...automatically starts working.
Any idea how to get rid of this? BT engineers think The PC has not enough memory..all of a sudden! This was fine before. Any suggestions what to do?

  johnnyrocker 15:55 10 Sep 05

what clear out steps have you taken so far ie disk cleanup etc and how much memory/disk space do you have.


  Diemmess 15:56 10 Sep 05

Take your point about why now?..... Something is zapping the available memory and unless another [unnecessary] application is running in the background, my paranoia suggests some malware has intruded.

Might be worth a thorough scan for virus, spy, and other malware even if you think you are fully covered. Housecall - click here
will give you a free online check.

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