BT Voyager 1500 and 250 - password

  JMHM 18:07 06 May 06

I have a BT Voyager 205 ADSL Modem and a BT 1500 Wireless Router. I am trying to change the default Password for the Voyager 1500 but when I follow the BT instructions to type in (the instructions are at: click here) it brings up the 250 ADSL Modem Configuration Manager Page and not the 1500 Configuration Manager Page. How do I get to the 1500 Config Manager page to change the Password ?


  JMHM 18:08 06 May 06

Sorry - title should say 205 not 250


  steven_frost 23:05 06 May 06

the likely hood is that is the 1500 ip address is i could be wrong but try it and let me know

  JMHM 14:07 07 May 06

Unfortunatley that ip address brings up the 205 BT Voyager Connection, the same page as

  steven_frost 20:52 08 May 06

ok how is it setup is the adsl modem connected direcct into the router

  JMHM 10:24 09 May 06

Steven - thanks for your help but the BT Helpdesk people informed me that the address for the 1500 router is which has worked. Not sure why their website said something different though. Anyway the problem is resolved, thanks again.

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