BT Voyager 100 drivers

  matt1234 16:18 21 Aug 05


Im asking a big favour my netgear DG834G looks like it maybe be failing and i want to test if its my ISP or the router by running my above USB modem. BUT this my problem the problem i have, the internet doesnt work on certain sites. and as luck would have it one of them is BT. SO if someones got a link to a site with them on (cant garenty i can get on the certain site) or if some one can email me them to [email protected]


oh yeh my isp is aol but any drivers will be helpful to run this modem!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:25 21 Aug 05

There are two listed; AOL driver and regular drivers - which do you want?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:26 21 Aug 05 | About AOL | Help
click here

  matt1234 16:30 21 Aug 05

both if possible

  matt1234 16:30 21 Aug 05

and aol doesnt even open either

  Diodorus Siculus 16:51 21 Aug 05
  mattyc_92 17:07 21 Aug 05

You can get the AOL driver and the normal driver from click here

  matt1234 17:38 21 Aug 05
  mattyc_92 17:42 21 Aug 05

We can e-mail you via the yellow envolope next to your "name"....

You are risking spam messages posting your e-mail address.....

Have you tried my link?

  matt1234 17:48 21 Aug 05

yeh but i cnt get into BT's website as ive just said and the email will go to my hotmail that i cant get into either.

I know im taking a risk but i really need this problem looked at and i need your help by some sending me the drivers

  mattyc_92 17:52 21 Aug 05

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