Bt total broadband

  alltime 23:15 18 Jan 07

Hi all, Any one have experience with the new bt total broadband 8mb as compared to the 4mb. Is it worth the changeover and has it been ok for the people who have upgraded,? Would be interested to hear any comments or any problems.

most dissatisfied with it, search bt broadband on consumerwatch for comments and problems, there are plenty

  €dstowe 06:41 19 Jan 07

No problems with me. It took a few days to settle down (dropouts etc.) but has been fine since then.

  Cymro. 10:56 19 Jan 07

They say 8mb. but can you actually get the 8mb.?

My line only supports some 6mb.anyway, and I quite often don`t even get that.

I doubt if there are many people who manage to get the promised 8mb.

At least I did not have to pay any extra for it just sign on for another 12 months.

  Wizards_Sleeve 11:52 19 Jan 07

i had probs with it for a couple of months, ie it kept dropping out in the evenings. and after a few irritating calls to BT Calcutta it seemed nothing had changed. But l;ike i say after couple of months it had settled down and i know get a reliable 6Mb+ connection all the time. wish i knew what they had done!!

i've said this before, the bt bb engineer told me, when he tested my line he had not heard of anyone getting more than 5.5/ 6 at the most, and the average seemed to be 2! i can see the exchange and after 6 months of threatening court action due to my bb losing comms every hour, i have settled for just under 3 meg, at best ie 3 in the morning, and this costs me nearly £80 a month, in 6 months bt wont see me for dust!

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:15 19 Jan 07

I live very close to the exchange, so for me it works very well and my router always syncs at 8128Kbps.

  jolorna 12:17 19 Jan 07

how close to the exchange do you live then

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:18 19 Jan 07

My line length is only 565 Metres.

  jolorna 12:30 19 Jan 07

were 547 metres from the exchange so it could be worthwhile me getting it, i have always been put off because of all the comments about it

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:41 19 Jan 07

Remember that the condition of the line, as well as the length, will determine the speed you get.

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