Bt Phone Hub HDD onto Pen Drive

  Paulo1992 18:13 30 Mar 08

Howdy Guyz

I have the bt home hub package were i can record television onto a built in hdd in the bt box

I was wondering if anyone knew if i would be able to put the stuff that i have recorded on the hdd onto a pen drive

The box does have a usb port

Any responses would be very much appreciated thanks


  rawprawn 18:33 30 Mar 08

I am not sure that I understand the question.You can attach an external drive to the hub, but I really doubt that there is enough room on a pen drive to take recorded TV.
If I have misunderstood please excuse me.

  rawprawn 18:35 30 Mar 08

Or is this what you are talking about?
click here

  Paulo1992 18:44 30 Mar 08

Yes thats what i have and it allows you to save recorded tv onto the built in hdd

However i have a pen drive and an ex 500gb hdd and was wondering if it was possible to take the saved material on the built in hdd and get it onto the pen drive or the ex hdd

Hope this is explained a little better - sorry if i didnt make it clear last time

WB Paulo

  rawprawn 19:15 30 Mar 08

I'm sorry i can't really help as I don't have the same set up (we can't get freeview where I live) but if your pen drive is big enough and you can see both drives on your computer, I see no reason why not. You can always try it.

  Ashrich 21:23 30 Mar 08

Be aware that the dreaded DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) might rear it's ugly head and stop you watching the programs on anything other than the machine it was originally downloaded on to ....


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