BT Openzone and BT Fon?

  1936 24 May 11

As I trawl the Web the terms "BT Openzone" and "BT Fon" come up now and again. would anyone care to say a few words about them?

  Linkslade 24 May 11

Have a look at these.

  1936 24 May 11

Many thanks, they look like there worth looking at in greater detail.

  1936 24 May 11

Many thanks, they look like there worth looking at in greater detail.

  onthelimit1 25 May 11

Sorry, I know it's trivial, but can't resist:

There = 'over there'

Their = belonging to them (as in their laptop).

They're = contraction of 'they are'.

Rant over!

  1936 25 May 11

You are quite correct and I'm glad that my wife, who can spell, did not look over my shoulder when I opened this. I am a graduate of two universities with three degrees but I can't spell. If I were middle class I could claim dyslexia (it took five goes on spellcheck to find out how to spell that)but as I'm common working class I guess I'm just thick. God bless this wonderful spell check.

  onthelimit1 26 May 11

'common working class'

Me too!

  proudfoot 29 May 11

Fortunately I am retired, but it must be a wonderful to be working class and working. Sadly for many it may not be long enough to be working working class, middle class or upper class.


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