BT Openworld & BTInternet Broadband - Difference?

  OCS lover 01:32 15 Feb 03

What is the difference between these two packages? Can anyone explain?

Or is i going a bit mad ?

Robby ( i think )

  faichfolds 01:39 15 Feb 03

I think with BT broadband you get just the connection with no email or web publishing or anything like that and it costs £27 a month on your phone bill.
With BT openworld you get the added niceties but it is £30 off your credit card.

You can still get email and webspace free of charge else where, and email through to outlookexpress. BT like to charge £1.50 a month for that privalidge

  tbh72 01:39 15 Feb 03

I might be wrong, But I think BT are offering the two packages.

Package 1 includes webspace & e-mail etc.

Package 2 is connection only, which mean's you would have to sign up to web based e-mail & also seek hosting for a website if you chose to create a personal website.

As I said, I might be wrong I haven't seen the adverts etc.

  tbh72 01:41 15 Feb 03

By the way, Freeserve are charging £27 with the e-mail & hosting

  faichfolds 01:43 15 Feb 03

But anyone with an email address can publish a website free on freeserve. 150MB so you could do maybe 3 good personal websites

  tbh72 01:47 15 Feb 03

Mmmmm, I have been with Freeserve for years.... I only have one complaint with them, the premium rate help line, but I have found a solution to that with this FORUM..... Cheer's PCA

  faichfolds 01:52 15 Feb 03

The main benifit of BT broadband as opposed to BT openworld is you can pay for it on your phone bill as opposed to on your credit or debit card.
All the added extras you can find free of charge else where

  OCS lover 22:10 15 Feb 03 have been most helpful.


  The Old Git 20:41 05 Apr 03

BT Broadband is said to just give you the basic connection - email etc. is your own responsibility. I have some knowledge so this may not be a prob.

It is also said that email and the added extras can be found free of charge elsewhere.

Please, can someone say where these things be obtained and any experiences of them?


  jason-240879 21:02 05 Apr 03

there are a lot of services offerring free web space and email, one free webspace what i use is and another is and you can have free web based email on freeserve (fsmail) at click here and also hotmail, yahoo, lycos, click here and a lot more. If you do a search in Google for free web space or free email you will find a lot of sites

It also is possible to do your own free web host, using Apache or getting an email server proggy but the only downside...your pc needs to be turned on...hope this helps...

I use coolfreepages and hotmail, perfect...Coolfreepages puts a popup under your site and others do put advertisement on your site but there are services that dp not put adverts on your site, just search on a web search engine and the home page usually says if it has adverts on your web site.

  lester1 23:24 05 Apr 03

I'm on BT broadband! e-mail is via talk21 no problems.

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