BT iPlate Kills VPN

  Andyb01 11:11 18 Jan 09

On my advice a mate fitted an iPlate and although he is getting faster download speeds through his ISP, he says he can't connect across VPN to his company network but when he removes the iPlate he can.

Sounds bizarre to me - more like a firewall or router issue but the fact that VPN works without an iPlate and not with it has thrown me - any ideas welcome.



  Tech Guy 16:55 19 Jan 09

Strange, very strange indeed.

I use VPN at home with an ADSL v1.0 filter plate

It should work as the iplate only isolates the ring wire. You still need to use ADSL filters though!

If you are not scared of the wires behind the faceplate, I recommend a filtered plate.

If you find a solution could you post it, as I am an network engineer and one of our users could run into this one day.

  Andyb01 17:11 19 Jan 09

Certainly odd - I checked and he definitely is still using the ADSL filter and is loathe to invest in the filtered plate in case he has the same problem. The only thing I could come up with is that the iPlate could feasibly be faulty and suggest he exchanges it for a new one. I use an iPlate and VPN through a Netgear router with no probs at all.

Will post if we get a fix.

  Tech Guy 17:14 19 Jan 09

Why don't you try your iplate and see if that works?

Would rule out faulty iplate.

  Andyb01 18:29 19 Jan 09

Good plan in theory - except he lives a couple of hundred miles south of me!

  Andyb01 15:38 20 Jan 09

Even odder - now seems the problem has cured itself with time. I know that the iPlate changes something to do with the sync speed on your line and that's why it takes a couple of days after fitting to see an increase in speed but whether that could have affected the VPN and if so how I have no idea.

I guess we'll never know.

Anyway - it seems the answer in this case was to wait and see.

  Tech Guy 17:27 20 Jan 09

The iplate doesn't interfere with the sync between the router and the exchange.

What is does is isolates the ring wire which acts like an aerial and brings interference to the rest of the wires, ie. the wires used for broadband. The more interference the slower the router syncs at. So if you remove the interference the sync speed will increase immediately, but you will only get an increase if the interference is there in the first place.

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