BT Hub faulty - can I use Broadband without it?

  silverstar 14:38 23 Jan 09

My BTHomeHub is being replaced.
Is there anyway I can use the broadband without it?

Could I use dialup on PC(dialup modem) and plug straight into phoneline, although setup for broaband?

I do have a laptop with wifi/broadband modem.


  oldbeefer2 14:42 23 Jan 09

Broadband you can't use (unless you have a spare router) but, yes, you can revert to dial up until hub is replaced.

  silverstar 14:48 23 Jan 09


I do have routers attached to all phone sockets.
Is that any good?


  T0SH 15:02 23 Jan 09
  silverstar 15:07 23 Jan 09

Thanks HC
Where is the screen to put in this info?

Not at my home computer at the moment


  Pineman100 15:15 23 Jan 09

You said "I do have routers attached to all phone sockets."

Are you sure you mean routers? It would be unusual to have one on each phone socket. Could you mean microfilters?

If so, then I'm afraid they won't connect you to broadband. All they do is separate the phone and the internet signals that travel down your phone line.

With your Home Hub out of service, you won't get broadband (unless you have another router - a device like your Home Hub). You'll just have to use old-fashioned dial-up until you can get a Home Hub up and running again.

  silverstar 15:17 23 Jan 09

Thanks for replies

Dialup it will have to be


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