BT Home Hub or Belkin Router

  SURVEY 09:52 AM 23 Jul 11

My ISP is BT and I have the latest BT Home Hub. I also have a Belkin 'N' rated router. My download speed with the Belkin is 2880 but with the BT Hub it is only 2330. Upload is slightly better with the BT Hub. The BT hub reaches very slightly further in our house than the Belkin. I thought the Home Hub was supposed to be the bees knees but clearly it is not. Has anyone else had a similar discrepancy and found alternative routers better than the Home Hub?

  Pineman100 10:48 AM 23 Jul 11

I ran a Belkin 54G router for several years before recently changing to BT, with a Home Hub 2 (a couple of weeks before the HH3 was announced. Grrr!).

I haven't run any comparative home wireless network speed measurements between the two routers, but I can tell you that, with the Belkin, the little wi-fi icon in my computer's (W7) system tray always showed five bars of signal. With the HH2 I normally only get four bars, quite often reducing to three.

There's been no other change to the household equipment layout that might have caused this, and the HH2 occupies exactly the same location that the Belkin did.

  SURVEY 22:12 PM 23 Jul 11

With all the BT Hub advertising I am surprised it throttles download speed compared with the belkin. Odd that it reaches slightly further than the belkin!


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