BT Home Hub no internet from PC

  ened 06:57 10 Nov 14

I'm trying to help my elderly father who has had no internet for a week. He is 250 miles away and not at all technically savvy. He has been with BT for about a year and yesterday morning I asked him to turn off the router, with the intention of waiting for a while then turning it back on. My first question: How many boxes are there? He says he has a black one with three lights on it and a white one. I thought it was only one for the BT Hub.

He called me at six-thirty to say he had been trying to turn it back on all day and all three lights (Power/BB/Wireless) were now lit but he still cannot access the internet.

I want to call him this morning and ask if he has a cable running from the back of the machine to the router but is there anything else I need to understabnd about the BT Home Hub. For instance what is this second box.

Is the ip address for the hub:

Any other advice greatly appreciated. Apart from suggesting he contacts BT.

  BillSers 08:25 10 Nov 14

The IP address is the router's control panel gateway.

  ened 08:40 10 Nov 14

ßeta This is confusing because he says he has fibre optic bb but I know for a fact the line was not changed into his home. Also since BT installed their equipment he has had incredibly slow speeds.

Right now all I want to do is reconnect him but I think he has been sold an inappropriate product.

  hastelloy 08:52 10 Nov 14

If he has fibre optic (BT infinity) they won't have changed the line - just installed an Open Reach modem (the white box). The fibre optic only goes as far as BT's green cabinet in the street - it's copper from there.

  alanrwood 11:40 10 Nov 14

Why not try BT's support line. Bit more efficient than trying to diagnose a system from 250 miles away when you don't actually know the hardware concerned, whether it is a connection to BT that has failed or his internal network connection.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:03 10 Nov 14

Ened, have you checked BT's Service Status page to see if there are any faults or problems in his area? If you haven't then click here, enter your dad's phone number then click the "Broadband" tab.

  ened 12:09 10 Nov 14

alanrwood Thank you! Have you ever had the misfortune to need to contact BT?

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  ened 12:11 10 Nov 14

Secret-Squirrel Yes I have & all appears ok. I have someone going round later to show him how to connect wirelessly with his laptop. Once they have done that is should connect automatically everytime.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:20 10 Nov 14

"...........and all three lights (Power/BB/Wireless) were now lit....."

If they're all blue and the Status page doesn't show any problems then it's likely that his broadband service is working fine.

Fingers crossed that his visitor gets him connected later today.

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