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  bythor 10:08 15 Oct 06

Just upgraded to the BTHomeHub from their Voyager 205 (which worked fine), tha advantages are two ethernet ports and wireless connectivity. I used to connect my printer and laptop via a netgear witch and into the voyager. It doesn't want to work on the home hub, although direct connection to the home hub and th elaptop is ok. I just called the 'BT Broadband tech support team'. "Yes, Sir. I am happy to assist you in connecting your laptop to BTHHub". 'No, I don't yet have wireless on the laptop, so I need to use the cable connection via the switch'. "Yes, Sir. I am very happy to help you connect your laptop wirelessly the the new BHHH and get you online straight away". 'No, I don't.....' etc etc. Evenutally...."Yes, Sir. There must be a compatibility issue with your switch. Is it compatible with the BTHH?" 'Well, that's why I'm calling you - the switch works ok with the old voyager'. "Yes, Sir. I would be very happy to assist you in connecting your laptop wirelessly to the new BTHH and get you online straight away" AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. Quick, someone get me a bandage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Forum Editor 10:59 15 Oct 06

and they're taught not to deviate from them. There are all kinds of reasons, but the main one is the danger of someone giving advice which results in a data loss.

My own view is that we're often able to resolve problems here, in the forum, faster/better than a lot of dedicated call centres.

And you save the cost of the phone call.

  bythor 11:12 15 Oct 06

Yes, you're right. I thought a brief call to them would get a simple 'just do this'. He couldn't even spell it! I asked if there was a UK number I could ring and he got even more confused. Anyway, I continued to fiddle, and in the end just shut dwon the home hub and rebooted it and hey presto! if I saw a post asking the question I'd have suggested a hub reboot! Doh.

  the pie eater 16:06 15 Oct 06

i let BT (in india) log on to my lap top and they set the lot up no problem charge 0.16p dont ask me why but thats what they did

  steven_frost 16:58 15 Oct 06

It's not only us poor people who have to deal with them all of BT's home workers too have the same problem i found this out last night when i spoke to a girl who works for BT she spent 45 mins trying to solve a problem

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