BT Home Hub - enabling security

  funkey_monkey 22:50 05 Mar 08


I'm trying to remotely help someone check and ensure their security is enabled for BT Home Hub.

I have never had any experience of this router, so could someone please tell me the following:

1. Does a green wireless light indicate connected to the internet AND security enabled?

(I know from the User Guide that amber light means connected with no security).

2. How can we check that security is definitely switched on?

3. Is there a straightforward guide to enabling security that I could provide her with in order to get this working?

Many thanks in advance guys,


  brundle 23:05 05 Mar 08

Wireless encryption is enabled by default on Homehubs, can't remember if it's WEP or WPA though. Pairing is only allowed for a limited time when a button on the side of the box is pushed, 10 mins or so. If you attempt to connect to the network during that time and are asked for a password, security/encryption is enabled.

  funkey_monkey 23:11 05 Mar 08

Thanks - what is pairing BTW??

  brundle 23:15 05 Mar 08

When you connect to the 'box with a PC or other wireless device.

  funkey_monkey 23:20 05 Mar 08

Thank, so in summary, her router will be automatically secured.

The green light o the box will inform her of that.


  brundle 23:23 05 Mar 08

Well the green light (as far as I recall) just means wireless is enabled, I don't think it shows whether the connection is secured with encryption - I set one up a few weeks back and security was already enabled out of the box. Perhaps someone who actually uses one can enlighten you further...

  funkey_monkey 23:37 05 Mar 08

It says in here:

click here

See pg 18. For wireless, amber means wireless enabled without security. I assumed that green meant enabled with security.

  T0SH 15:02 06 Mar 08

You are all aware that there are three very different versions of the BT home hub ? out there

Details here

click here

Cheers HC

  brundle 15:33 06 Mar 08


Encryption is enabled by default, the key is supplied with the packaging. If you disable the security yourself then as you point out, the light will change colour. Disabling the security isn't something you can do by accident, you need to access the router config, enter a password, find the wireless config pages etc etc, so if it's green, you're safe...well as safe as you can be with WEP...

T0SH; No didn't know that, I've only installed two - the very first type over a year ago and the 1.5 version recently - it occurred to me that the latter looked a little different to the first one I did, now I know I wasn't imagining things...

Security was enabled on both though

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