BT Home Hub 3 connection problems

  alangh 28 Apr 11

I have just subscribed to BT for Total Broadband. I have received a router but it will not connect. My original router will however connect and i get a good signal and speed. I have contacted BT who have checked the line at the exchange and through telephone help have attempted to help me connect without success. They suggested a router problem and sent me a new one but still no luck. Any ideas?

  rawprawn 28 Apr 11

Did you try connecting directly by cable first? Sorry if that is obvious

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 Apr 11

Are you trying to connect via wire or wireless?

  alangh 28 Apr 11

I am connecting by wire and wireless but yes initially wire.

  rawprawn 28 Apr 11

Does it accept the Admin Password when you are setting it up?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 Apr 11

(it is important that you do not connect the Home Hub to the computer until you are required to later in the set up procedure)

a. Reset the router

b. After a couple of minutes the Broadband light should be on or flashing.

c. It is advised that you should now wait an hour before you continue to set up the BT Home Hub (do NOT turn it off in this time though).* The hour wait is to help figure out the fastest broadband speed the Home Hub can receive.

d. The Broadband light should still be lighted up green and the Internet light is is green or flashing. Wireless should be turned on on the computer/laptop if you plan to connect via Wi-Fi.

e. Put the BT Total Broadband CD into the computer and follow the setup on screen.

  Daveboy 29 Apr 11

All bt homehubs connect as [email protected], they all have the same address of as an out of the box configuration, so if your old hub is standard set up then the hub 3 should be identical. I would check the settings in the old hub and replicate these in the new hub if any are different.


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