BT Home Hub 2 networking not now working

  compumac 19:09 27 Sep 08

I had three PC's connected to each other via a BT Voyager 240 router for a few years but I moved on to the BT Home Hub 2 ony yesterday. This was installed and all three PC's can access the Internet without a problem. The problem is that they cannot see each other now.
Any suggestions?

  brundle 22:48 27 Sep 08
  compumac 09:52 30 Sep 08

Thanks (somewhat belatedly) for that

Currently PC1 can see PC2 and PC3
PC2 can see PC3 but not PC1
PC3 can see PC2 but not PC1
All PC's can access the printer on PC1
This is even with all firewalls turned off.
It is not an immense problem to me but it would be nice to sort out the problem.

  mgmcc 10:50 30 Sep 08


1) Unsharing all existing shares in PC1, which seems to be what the other PCs cannot access.

2) Reboot and then create new shares.

3) See if PC1's shared folders can then be accessed by PCs 2&3. If not, can PC1 be accessed by typing the path to it directly into the address bar in "My Network Places? Use the format:


or PC1's IP address:


  compumac 16:40 30 Sep 08

I had removed the share faciltiy for all of the folders on PC1 and then resurrected them under a different names with the same result - Neither PC2 or PC3 could see PC1. Oddly enough for a few minutes one the of newly renamed folders on PC1 did display on the Windows Explorer on PC2 but I was not able to access it and then when I looked again on PC2 it ha disappeared!!!!
If I go into My Network Places on PC2 and use the SEARCH dialogue box - insert 192.168.1 etc then it does display the name of my PC1, along with the names of the drives and folders contained in PC1 that are on the shared listing but you cannot access the content of those folders.

  mgmcc 19:11 30 Sep 08

In PCs 2 & 3, can you "map network drive" to PC1 using the option to connect with a different username/password and then use the Username & password with which you log into PC1?

  compumac 19:29 30 Sep 08

I do not have or use a user name or password for any of them.
I am looking at Windows Explorer on PC2 and I can see two of the NEWLY shared folders that I created on PC1, but cannot open either of them.

  mgmcc 20:52 30 Sep 08

You *MUST* have a Username, even if there is no Password set. If you open Windows Explorer, under "Documents and Settings" there will be a list of all user Accounts that have been set up. If, for example, there is a single entry for "Bill Brown's Documents", then the Username with which you are logged in is Bill Brown.

  compumac 21:49 30 Sep 08

No joy with that either I am afraid.
"The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occured"
"Not enough server storage is available to process this command"
I have occasionaly received that indication before but not always.

  mgmcc 23:01 30 Sep 08

<<<< Not enough server storage is available to process this command >>>>

That is a specific error - see this Microsoft article click here

  compumac 23:12 30 Sep 08

Thanks for link - Have printed it out and will look at it tomorrow I am off to bed now.

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