bt home hub 2

  billy the fish 09:31 03 Apr 09

i bought a bt home hub 2 from ebay & it works fine but would like to change some of the settings.i have enterd old password EXACTLY as it is written on the back of the hub but it is not recognised...anyone any ides ??? : (

  rawprawn 10:08 03 Apr 09

You cannot (As far as I know) change the settings unless you know the password to enter "Advanced" from click here
and that would have been generated by the original owner.
Also as far as I know BT hubs are the property of BT and cannot be sold to a third person, so I wouldn't call on BT for support.

  rawprawn 10:19 03 Apr 09

You could try "admin" which is the default password.

  rawprawn 10:22 03 Apr 09
  jolorna 13:47 03 Apr 09

the password on the back of the hub is default to use when the person gets it but they are encouraged to change that to there own, im not sure if you put a pin in the hole which says restore to default will cure it or not as i haven't tried it, failing that you need to contact the person who sold it to you and ask what they changed it to

  jolorna 13:49 03 Apr 09

admin isn't the default on the home hub 2

  Cockney Rebel 13:58 03 Apr 09

The reset button is on the right hand side of the hub as you look at the front.Haven,t had to do a reset on my home hub v2 but I did have to do it on my old hub which then enabled me to reset the password to one of my own choice.Hope this helps.

  Zeppelyn 14:20 03 Apr 09

Follow the advice from Cockney Rebel and the password will be reset to the one on the back of the hub, you will then be asked to change it to one of your own.

  rawprawn 16:18 03 Apr 09

Sorry guys,Cockney Rebel is exactly right and that is the way to go.

  iarno 22:20 03 Apr 09

Read through here

Then bookmark it for future reference.


  billy the fish 09:06 04 Apr 09

thanks everyone : )

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