BT broadband....prices

  Magik ®© 22:16 06 Feb 05

hi, just got the bill in from BT and it looks like they have dropped the price a little bit, i am on the 1MB service..

  stalion 22:19 06 Feb 05

fine so how much is bt 1mb service?

  Magik ®© 22:21 06 Feb 05

£27 down from 29.

  stalion 22:23 06 Feb 05

Thankyou, I asked because I am on 512mb with bt so will get in touch with them

  joethebow 00:34 07 Feb 05

Problem with BT is that they will soon activate their advertised download limits. I was very happy with them untill they announced the limits. Now I'm with AOL but if BT dropped the limits I'd go back to them at the end of my current contract.

  Lokit 03:24 07 Feb 05

I'm on the 1mb service with BT and paying £27.99 by direct debit and have been since I upgraded from 512kb/s last summer?

As far as usage limits are concerned - I downloaded a trial of a bandwidth monitor click here and ran it through December.

Two machines - kids PC and my laptop - total for the month was 12.6 gig.

Plenty of breathing space considering the usage limit is 30gig.

  Magik ®© 08:31 07 Feb 05

thats a handy little prog, just nailed it onto the pc, I have the two PC's running all day, so we will see what i am using ....

  rawprawn 08:32 07 Feb 05

They all seem to be cutting prices. Tiscali are now £24.99 for 1meg and £19.99 for 512 kb. I think you can also get 1meg for £19.99 with a very reasonable download limit.I was on 512kb and they are upgrading me to 1meg for the same price

  CurlyWhirly 12:16 07 Feb 05

I can't understand how ISP's can afford to upgrade the speeds for nothing?
I wonder if it is anything to do with BT cutting their wholesale broadband prices to ISP's?
AOL are soon going to offer DOUBLE the speed for the same price aswell.

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