BT Broadband on a wireless network & d link modem

  black_lucas 17:38 20 Sep 04

I have setup a wireless network at home with 2 PCs (1 XPPro & 1 XPHome) connecting via a Sitecom wireless router. Into the router is a D Link DSL 300T ethernet modem.
Both PCs can 'see' the router and the modem. i.e. put in the IP address for each into IE address bar and change the settings of the router/modem.
I have BT broadband and can't seem to manage to get IE to connect to the internet through my wireless connection. When I run the connection wizard in IE Tools/Connections it says I already have broadband setup for this computer.
However, the modem does connect to BT Broadband as it says so in the status section section of the router and modem settings (via their IP address.)
I called BT Broadband free help and they also say that I am connected, but they couldn't help me sorting my problem.
Any help would be appreciated. I thought it might be the settings of the modem...but not sure...

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