BT Broadband usage monitor working?

  compumac 25 Sep 12

Does anyone use the BT Broadband Usage programme as mine does not display my usage after the 22nd of September?

  northumbria61 25 Sep 12

The message on mine says Sorry, we are currently unable to present Your Product information.

  compumac 25 Sep 12

I have just accessed the BTCare Community Forum website and there are several posts there about this referring to the 22nd September as a cutoff date for details. I had thought initially that this might have been something to do with me removing Java on that date (due to rumours about problems with the programme)but it would seem that it is BT and not my setup.

  Zurdo 25 Sep 12

This morning it had not updated but now shows usage up to midnight 23rd Sep.

  compumac 25 Sep 12

I looked at the Usage at about 4 o'clock this afternoon and it displayed the usage upto the 23rd September and I have just looked again at 22:25 and it is showing upto 23:59 on the 24th, so perahaps they are now catching up.

  T I M B O 26 Sep 12

I did once try the BT Usage tool that they supplied, but i had issue with this as i have 5 computers and it only does the PC it's installed on. The type 3 BT Hub version A & B does have a usage counter on it, but not easy to use when you have to access the Hub all the time.

P.S...The difference between A & B Hubs is the USB support for NTFS hard drives.

  compumac 26 Sep 12

TIMBO I have had the BT usage thingy for a long time and have had perhaps sometimes 5 PC's using the same connection and the Usage does reflect the usage for ALL PC's connected to the same line.

  T I M B O 26 Sep 12

compumac, Sorry i was not much use to you. The only thing i can think of is that the Firmware has been updated on the hub and may have caused issues with the software you use. Or another possibility, your line to the cabinet has been upgraded to fibre & that could have caused issue. BT Fibre

0800 111 4567 I hope this may have helped a little. ;-))

  compumac 26 Sep 12

TIMBO. No need for sorry. Any replies to postings are welcomed. My initial concern was that the problem was my end, but it would seem that it is countrywide and I will just see as to when it does catch up. At this time it is still telling me Monday nights reading and this is at 09:30 now. Over the past few weeks the updating has got later in the day.

  chub_tor 26 Sep 12

Mine shows up to 23:59 on the 24th, so yesterday has not registered so far.

  compumac 26 Sep 12

Mine has now updated to 23:59 25th September - but not till late this afternoon, so perhaps they are catching up.


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