BT Broadband Talk - trouble connecting browser

  tristar 14:35 11 May 07

Several times in the last few weeks, when I try to start up my BT/Yahoo browser in the evening I get a message 'unable to connect, please check your connections'. This is when trying to log in between 6:30 and 7:30 in the evening.The BT 'help' panel pops up and offers a health check. Each time it says check connections, or contact ISP. Next morning, WITHOUT MY CHECKING ANYTHING I can log in as usual. Is BT subject to being swamped by high demand at peak times?
Somehow I thought broadband wouldn't be affected in this way.
Is it just me on the Isle of Wight having this problem, or is it more common than that?


  p;3 14:37 11 May 07

of interest, what do you actually use as your home page? I am on BT BB

me too, have a home hub with a phone, got rid of all the bt helpdesk? and yahoo clutter a good while back, why do you need to log in?

  tristar 14:41 11 May 07

I use the BT Yahoo homepage. BTW, when I have this problem sometimes I can get logged in with IE7!

  tristar 14:43 11 May 07

Why do I need to log in? I thought it was the only way I could use BT broadband

  p;3 14:47 11 May 07

as far as I know you do NOT need to 'log in' to use BT ; when you connect via the BB you kinda 'log in' via the phone line '

THIS is my 'home page' at present

click here although

click here THIS was; BUT as far as I know you can take your pick; you COULD even have

click here::))

  tristar 14:49 11 May 07

Thank you, I'll try something similar!!

  p;3 14:53 11 May 07

when you signed up you were given a dedicated phone line on broadband status? and you were given a username such as [email protected]; when you start up the computer and go to connect TO the BB , it checks that the phone line being used is the same as that registered FOR the broadband username;
I get a dial up box which gives my broadband username; I then press connect, it checks who I am ..and voila::))

you only need to log in to check emails, i set up outlook express so only use the hub, no drivers, no set up disc, no helpdesk icon, when i first set it up all the freebies nearly half filled an 80gb hdd, i see no need for any of it and certainly miss nothing, plus any av i use hates yahoo (we collect personal data) software and it doesnt work if you set your privacy above minimum, which worried me a little, maybe im paranoid!

  p;3 15:02 11 May 07

I use OE for mails now BUT occasionally log into server to see if stuff has been parked in the spam box;

mines set to clear after a day, i figured if anythings that important people would call me, plus im very curious, and i may just click something i shouldnt! out of sight, out of mind!

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