BT Broadband router settings

  Tjsuk11 21:11 09 Jul 05

Please help, i currently have a voyager 205 router from BT. I am trying to change this for a netgear DG834GT wireless router. The trouble i am having is with the correct config and user name in particular. When looking at the advanced settings of the voyager i see a username as [email protected], however i am not sure wether this is the correct setting to use on the new router. I can get a connection to the web with the netgear and it tells me i have a connection, yet i cannot connect to any sites. Plz help. Thanks in advance.

  Taff36 22:03 09 Jul 05
  Tjsuk11 22:29 09 Jul 05

Thanks for the quick response. I have now connection thru my netgear.

For information, BT Broadband does not require a log in as such.
Using any name in the form [email protected] works fine. The problem i discovered was that the router didn't like the fact that a password wasn't used. Again using a dummy password to satisfy the router works. BT Broadband ignores the credentials supplied.

  Taff36 22:38 09 Jul 05

Except when you want to get your BT e-mail?

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