Bt Broadband router farce

  bloodnock 03 Apr 13

For many years I've had my Broadband through BT using a BT voyager router, today that router packed in or so the BT tech guy on the phone told me.

Now, after coughing out £22.50 a month for years for my broadband package they tell me my warranty for the router is expired and that i'll need to buy a new router from them.

They said because i no longer have a BT landline account for my phone (Im O2 landline now) that theyre not responsible, yet the fault is with the Router and my £22.50 a month package is still in place..oddly though they say i have no contract with them even though they habeen taking my money and supplying my broadband since about 2001.

surely if they supply my broadband package they should be responsible for the router and all things that i would require to make the broadband operate!!

Any one else had this guff off BT, if yes whats the cure?

Another Non BT router maybe?

  mgmcc 04 Apr 13

" £22.50 a month package is still in place..oddly though they say i have no contract with them even though they habeen taking my money and supplying my broadband since about 2001."

I would start by asking them what it is you're paying £22.50/month for if there is no contract in place. So many companies carry on taking payments by Direct Debit unless you cancel it, irrespective of whether or not they are entitled to the ongoing payments.

It is usual for the ISP to provide you with the hardware to get online - originally with ADSL this was a USB Modem, these days it is a combined wireless Modem/Router. If BT are actually your ISP, they should replace their faulty hardware.

  bloodnock 04 Apr 13

They certainly are the ISP provider, a new Home hub costs between £69.99 and £99.99 for basic broadband use and I cant see why I should have to pay it, the old Old hub was archaic to day the least, Id change provider but the inconvenience of having to change my email address on all my Letterheads and cards etc is the last thing i want to be doing.

Im not going to change back from o2 as my line provider as their Call divert saves me around £50 a month over BT's call divert costs.

Cant see why they should try and blackmail me into servicing my Broadband account properly by saying that things would be so much different if i were still with BT for my land line rental....that's just bad ethical business practice in my book.

  onthelimit1 04 Apr 13

If they are your ISP, they are responsible for providing a new router - they may (and I think they are entitled to) ask for postage. I have prompted a number of people to change their outmoded routers/modems, and none have ever had to pay for the router itself.

  onthelimit1 04 Apr 13

P.S. If they get sniffy, ask for a MAC number so you can move to another provider. I think your new router will be in the post in minutes!

  wiz-king 04 Apr 13

If you are on ordinary ASDL you can buy a router for less than £20.


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