BT Broadband & Router

  PO79 14:30 21 Mar 09

I have just ordered a BT Broadband package and am awaiting the delivery of the router & handset etc.

When it comes do I have to install all the Yahoo buff that usually comes with it or will it be possible to just run it "clean" if you see what I mean.

  tullie 14:33 21 Mar 09

Havent used BT for years but i assume all the junk is on the CD?Just dont use the CD,someone will correct me if this is wrong no doubt.

  Technotiger 15:13 21 Mar 09

I believe you do get the option to 'untick' Yahoo, keep a look-out for it when you do the install.

You don't need to use the BT CD, it is that simple - just connect up following the written instructions, switch on and give the router a minute or so until all the blue lights are steady.

  rawprawn 15:21 21 Mar 09

Just install it manually as Technotiger says and you won't get any of the rubbish on the cd.
I have one and thats how I did it, there are instructions fo manual install in the booklet that comes with it.

  Zeppelyn 16:00 21 Mar 09

Same opinion here, dont install the BT Yahoo stuff, you dont need it and it can cause problems too.

  PO79 16:22 21 Mar 09

Glad to hear that I can just connect and run without all the bumph they want to give out.

Thanks to you all

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