BT Broadband query

  DRiM 20:10 23 Feb 03

I am currently using 56k modem with BT Anytime and am thinking of upgrading to BT Broadband, but I use a desktop at home and a laptop when I travel around, and use the same BT account for both.

If I upgrade to BT Broadband will I have to pay for two accounts so I can continue to use my laptop with a 56k modem on my travels?

(I tried to get an answer from BT but they don't seem to like answering emails!)

  Zoneclone 20:21 23 Feb 03

I had the same dilema with BT as no help offered so went from BT Anytime to Pay as you go to keep my mail address etc. and went with Pipex with no regrets and the service is Fassssssssssssst still able to use my mail from BT on a Pipex connection setup from Outlook Express. Broadband is the way ahead but BT need some manners. IMHO.

PS You can even use the laptop at home the same time as BB by connecting the Phone side of the filter.

  graham 20:42 23 Feb 03

to answer emails, I agree. A recent, belated, reply said they were having problems with numbers, ie. 1 2 3 and had to spell them out!

  DRiM 12:41 24 Feb 03

I am a little confused, are you saying that the answer is YES, I have to have two seperate accounts, one for the Broadband at home and the other for my wandering laptop using 56k modem?

  Terrahawk 13:03 24 Feb 03

yes broadband via phone line is restricted to the phone line you subscribe to because in effect adsl splits your phone line in to 2 channels 1 channel voice calls and one channel for broadband where as a dial up account can use a standard phone line

  DRiM 13:31 24 Feb 03

Many thanks for that, it means I have to ditch plans to go on Broadband. I would have been very upset if I had made the move and found myself unable to use my laptop when on my travels.

Somebody did suggest that when one subscribes to Broadband you also get the usual dial up number to use as well, but obviously they got it wrong.



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