BT Broadband keeps dropping off after 15 minutes (Ethernet & Wi-fi)

  martin haresign 23:18 28 Feb 13

Hi, first-time posting. I got a new PC (HP desktop)a few weeks ago, shortly after which I started having problems with my BB connection.

Every 15 minutes, and I can almost set my watch it's so regular, the connection drops. It reconnects after about 60 seconds, until the next time.

I have BT Broadband and 'phone line. My telephone line to the house is fine, I've run a check on it. The filters are also okay, I've bought new ones, but all are working.

There is, however, another problem which I'll mention as I'm unsure whether it's related or not; I cannot use the 'phone at the same time as the Broadband is running. There is no sound at all on any 'phone, whether corded or not. I've tried different sockets, same result. If BB is disconnected the 'phone line is fine, I've checked for noise on the line and there's none. My main socket is of the old fashioned type, without the test connection behind the faceplate. Incidentally I've tried a different router (I have a BT Home Hub 2 at the moment) and had the same result, dropped every 15 minutes.

Sorry the post is so long, but I wanted to cover the story so far. I'm flummoxed! I find it particularly puzzling that the drop-off is so regular, it's as though it's on a timer! Any ideas?

  nickf 00:03 01 Mar 13

Have you spoken to BT ? Are you using a LAN or WLAN connection ?

  N47. 00:11 01 Mar 13

A few more questions so we can visualise your set up.

Is the router plugged into the BT master socket or do you use an telephone extension cable to centralise the router in your home?

Have you tried a different rj45 ( telephone ) cable from the router to the socket.

Have you tried switching the channel on the router to a different setting.

What type of encryption do you have set for the WiFi signal.

  N47. 00:13 01 Mar 13


"Are you using a LAN or WLAN connection ?"

't clue is in the question

(Ethernet & Wi-fi)

  nickf 00:28 01 Mar 13

N47 , I ask , cause it is unlikely to have WLAN on desktop .

  N47. 00:34 01 Mar 13


Not necessarily so. I do have a belkin dongle. It is one less cable fed to my desktop computer.

martin haresign is saying the connection drops either by LAN or Wlan.

  rdave13 01:20 01 Mar 13

martin haresign, you need to have a filter on all your BT sockets, whether used or not. If you have Sky that socket also needs to be filtered. Phone line interfearing with BB means filtering problem.

  rdave13 01:24 01 Mar 13

If you have an extension lead from any BT socket, make sure it is through a filter first and don't have the filter at the end of an extension lead.

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