BT Broadband - dropped connection

  hansa 07:49 27 Feb 04

I'm running XP Home and every time I Switch User I lose the connection and have to reconnect again.
Is this normal or is there something that I can do to ensure that the connection is 'always on'?

  anon1 10:07 27 Feb 04

What do you mean, "you drop connection"? There is no connection to be made with broadband it is always on. You need to be more specific about the problem. If you were using dial up and switched users that would almost certainly drop the connection. If using broadband then the account would be for the primary account holder but that should not affect the connection.

  hansa 10:16 27 Feb 04

broadband is on with one or other users but when switched to the other user there is no broadband service until I reconnect. It is not 'always on'!

  Chegs ® 10:37 27 Feb 04

When I switch users whilst connected via PCI ADSL modem,I sometimes get another box appears informing me my connection is active and if I wish to disconnect or remain connected.It doesn't always ask,and even clicking stay connected doesn't keep the connection active,I always have to reconnect afterwards.As ADSL only takes a few seconds to connect,I cannot really see it being a problem. ;-)

  hansa 11:54 27 Feb 04

thanks cheqs and anon1. It isn't really a problem, just inconvenient.

The BT help(?)line says that's the way it is and they can do nothing.

  anon1 12:04 27 Feb 04

just a thought here. Do all users have the same privaleges?

  deadneat 12:06 27 Feb 04

My XP pro also disconnects when u switch. Duno if there is a fix 4 this!

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