BT Broadband Basic:- Where's me browser gawn?

  MOMORRIS 00:22 02 Aug 05

I have recently re-installed my BT Broadband Basic software, that came with the ADSL modem. (reason for re-install was, clean install of Win XP OS) The only problem now, is that my IE 6 browser doesn't launch automatically on initial connection to the web, so i have to manually start IE. This then starts fine but does no longer, show the original BT Homepage that i used to have with all the shortcuts etc. I have made IE6 my default browser in "set program access and defaults". Should i uninstall the BT Hardware and software and start again? Have i missed something or is surfing BT Broadband like trying to enter Pandoras Box and once in, being bitterly disappointed with the whole experience? I should have stayed with my dial-up. Much appreciate a pointer in the right direction. MO

  Dan the Doctus 01:24 02 Aug 05

Broadband is an 'always on' connection and connects on bootup. IE is started manually when you double click on it's desktop icon or quicklaunch icon. You can set BT as your homepage by going to it and clicking Tools>Internet Options>Use Current.

  p;3 01:40 02 Aug 05

click here try that for the initial access to bt; they changed it somewhile ago ( much to my horror);I think you may find you have to sign in first before you can surf away; dont ask me why:( ( unless I am barkign completely up the wrong tree) (a bit like Fort Knox now)

and my BB done by my adls modem I too have to click on my green arrows to connect it, so not the "always on " but is always available ( I am on Win 98se not that that should make any difference?

  p;3 02:12 02 Aug 05

having said the above; presumably yu are using the machine that you have updated , to access this forum? if so, you are able to surf ; if you wish to access the specific BT Yahoo (that BT seems to have become) stuff, then I think you will need to use my link; I could be completely misunderstanding the problem; so what exactly can you NOT get at?

  p;3 23:26 03 Aug 05

have you managed to get into this yet?

  MOMORRIS 23:33 05 Aug 05

I rang the BT Helpline and explained the situation and they said, try re-installing the BT software. Well i did and the browser still doesn't start up automatically, when the connection is made with their server. Maybe i'm being too picky?

  Forum Editor 23:51 05 Aug 05

does it matter that much?

I prefer to launch my browser myself, and it's pretty easy to do from a desktop icon. As far as your home-page is concerned, you can set it to any site that you like. Just browse to the site you want, then go to 'tools' on the IE toolbar, select 'Internet options' and click the button marked 'Use current' in the home-page option box at the top.

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