BT Broadband.

  ams4127 16 Mar 11

Has anyone tried using a different router instead of the HomeHub2? Were there any problems in doing so?

  acein1 16 Mar 11

? why are you asking this,when the bt home hub is one of the best you can get????

  ams4127 16 Mar 11

Because I am having troubles with it. Keeps dropping out (main computer, laptop and ipad) but all lights remain on. Has to be reset several times each night.

I've also seen reports which state that the hub is not exactly the fastest thing on the block.

  ams4127 16 Mar 11

Sorry, should also have said that someone on the BT forums said that changing router solves the problem. It does seem to be happening quite a lot.

  beynac 17 Mar 11

It could be because of the wireless channel you are using. If several of your neighbours are using the same channel, it can cause problems. You could try changing the channel. However, it may be better to ask BT for the new HomeHub3. This automatically switches to the best channel. I've only had mine a few days, but it seems a good bit of kit.

  beynac 17 Mar 11

Agreed, but the question was about using a different router. As you say, this would also remove the BT Broadband Talk facility.

  ams4127 17 Mar 11

Thanks beynac, I hadn't heard of a HH3. I'll phone BT tomorrow. I don't use the broadband talk system so that won't affect me.

Thanks to you all for helping. I'll mark this as resolved but will post back when I get the problem fixed in case it helps someone else.


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