BT Broadband

  honeysuckle 19:02 04 Dec 07

I have just bought a new pc a cube247 zenith st13. I already have bt openworld broadband on my old pc. However when trying to installthis on my new pc it connects remotely but fails to authenicate my user name and password. i have contacted tech support at Bt who have tried updating my drivers (via a connection on my laptop and memory stick but no joy. Cube say as it is connecting remotely it is not aproblem ith the pc. I know this is an old bt product and my line is now with talk talk but it worked on my old pc and works on my laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can get my new pc online.

  Technotiger 19:04 04 Dec 07

I'm sorry I cannot help - but, I think your problem is down to Talk Talk!!

  Llwydyn 21:34 04 Dec 07

Don't know if this is of any help but when I bought my new (Vista) PC approx 6 months ago, I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the BT Yahoo Openworld software. BT helpline told me that it was not compatable at the time and suggested that I just connect the computer to the modem/router with the blue lead that was in the box - worked ok!

  Llwydyn 21:39 04 Dec 07

Have just checked the connections on my modem/router - the blue lead is the USB connection to my old PC. My new PC has been connected with the white sleeved (ethernet) cable with yellow phone like connectors!

  p;3 22:38 04 Dec 07

as I understand it, bt broadband will be 'authenticating, the phone number you are trying to use against the name you registered to use WITH that phone number

if your phone line is now with talk talk I think you may have a problem

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