BT B.B leeking through to O.Express

  Furkin 10:21 11 Apr 08

Hi again,
For reasons of my own - I prefer to use my Supanet/O.Express, which is linked to my BT B.Band.
Since BT's problem a couple of weeks ago, my BT BB mails have ben leaking into my Supanet/ Inbox.
This is more than likely due to my p***** about with settings before I knew that BT was down.
Obviously - I can't remember what I did, but I assume that I changed something in the Tools > Accounts set-up.
Can any one help to stop this please ?


  Technotiger 10:42 11 Apr 08

I am on BT BB, didn't know about any 'shut-down', have never had any problems with BT.

Perhaps you need to re-set your router.

  Furkin 12:25 11 Apr 08

Hi Techno:
Yep,,,, BT had a prob some weks ago -((click here))
Won't bore you with the details = here if you want to see ((how does one put 'Click Here' link in these pages ?))

I have a new Router arrived today (Voyager 220) but am convinced that it was something I did at that time.

Will prob install new Router later anyhoo.

Thanks again Techno.

  Furkin 12:28 11 Apr 08

ooooooooooooooooops,,,, did I answer my own question ?

Am I right in assuming that we just paste the http/www address into thetext & it automatically turns to a Click Here link ?

  Furkin 13:13 11 Apr 08

New router installed - hopefully this eliminates any physical problems ?!

  Sea Urchin 14:01 11 Apr 08

Yes, you are correct with regard to the Click Here links

  woodchip 14:11 11 Apr 08

I would say that there is an account for BT in Outlook Express, all you should need do is disable or remove the account. change the settings for it so it does not download to it

  woodchip 14:13 11 Apr 08

Have a look under Programs on the desktop, there may be a folder that sets restore working

  woodchip 14:15 11 Apr 08

Sorry that was for another thread

  Technotiger 14:17 11 Apr 08

I have been away - anyway, hope all is ok again now, and as Sea Urchin has already said - yes that is how to make a 'click here' ..... Cheers.

  Furkin 09:49 16 Apr 08

once again- many thanks.

I have done nothing,,,,,,,, but it seems 'back to normal' again - I can't even guess what might have caused this glitch, which possibly only happened once (tho' the messages had several 'snding' dates).

Result (or should I say Resolved) !

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