Browsing/e-mailing problems: a fellow-sufferer.

  Jim Thing 17:04 29 Sep 09

Like jammin, in a similar current thread (click here) I've been finding it extremely difficult to browse the web and send e-mails lately. The symptoms are the same as jammin's. I'm running Windows XP (SP3, IE8 and OE) and I've substituted all relevant hardware and re-jigged my router from Ethernet to wireless link — all to no effect. All anti-malware scans come up clean and I'm now totally stumped.

Ever a clutcher at passing straws, I pounced upon Fruit Bat's link to winsockxpfix (click here) but fell at the first hurdle when the downloaded .exe file asked me to specify a destination folder and suggested C:\ERDNT, which it offered to create. I accepted its kind offer, whereupon it immediately reported 'Error saving file C:\ERDNT\SECURITY' and asked whether it should continue with the next file. At that point I chickened out.

Any clues, anybody, either to the issue with Fruit Bat's link or, better still, what might be causing the browsing/e-mailing problems in the first place?


  ArrGee 18:36 29 Sep 09

Only two things I can think of at present:

1. Don't chicken out and let it continue

2. And this may seem very basic, but have you tried turning off the router for 30 secs then back on?

  Technotiger 19:43 29 Sep 09

Try another browser, like Firefox for instance.

  Jim Thing 22:10 29 Sep 09

How frustrating! I've just spent half an hour or more composing a lengthy, detailed response to ArrGee's posting, only to find that the dreaded problem had struck again and (a) I was unable to post it and (b) the act of trying to post it caused it to disappear beyond recall. I guess it's now whizzing around cyberspace.

Anyway, what it amounted to was as follows:

I've tried all of the following:

(a) substituting a different computer — problem persists;

(b) substituting a different router (one with Ethernet interface, the other with wireless link). DSL indicator stabilises on both, but problem persists;

(c) changing all interconnects, one at a time — problem persists.

Also, my ISP conducted tests and reported that the line quality is good.

I'm being forced to the conclusion that the source of the problem is outwith my system — but where?

Daft Idea No. 1(?):
I live in an apartment building which has recently had serious problems with a malfunctioning fire alarm system; the system alerts the local Fire & Rescue Service via the telephone network. About a week ago, contractor's technicians arrived to start work on investigating and partially reconfiguring the system. These operations coincided roughly with the onset of my internet problems, although I didn't actually note the date of either event. Is it fanciful to suspect that they could be related?

Daft Idea No. 2 will no doubt follow...

  Technotiger 22:14 29 Sep 09

Not fanciful at all - when dealing with wireless PC or otherwise, anything is possible.

  ArrGee 22:26 29 Sep 09

Ok, I imagine your frustration. Been there many times myself.

Here's another simple suggestion (given your further detail)...have you tried changing over your phone-point adapters? They tend to give in after a while.

Try connecting via the main phone socket to your flat as well. (Directly).

  ArrGee 22:30 29 Sep 09

Sorry, by 'adapter' I mean Micro Filter. And by 'direct' I mean plugging the router into the MAIN phone socket (not an extension) via the micro filter and try hard-wired, not WiFi.

  Jim Thing 19:44 30 Sep 09

Apologies for the long silence. A family emergency has interrupted work on my internet problem, but I'll keep the thread open and hope to be back in a few days. Thanks for your input so far.

  Jim Thing 21:00 01 Oct 09

I'm back online, thanks to an IT-literate nephew who sorted it all out whilst I was away elsewhere. I asked him what he'd done but all the IT whizzkid jargon went right over my head. I gather I'd done summat stupid involving garbled setup instructions, but I'm not sure what

I'm afraid all I can do is thank ArrGee and Technotiger and tick the box.

  Technotiger 21:10 01 Oct 09

Glad it is sorted - thanks for your feedback.

Maybe you should get your nephew to join the Forum :-))

  ArrGee 21:41 02 Oct 09

Well done nephew!

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