Norma123 04:04 09 Nov 13

I am using firefox 22.00 it says norton toolbar is incompatible with it. The newer versions seem to allow the toolbar but you can no longer block images. I want a browser that allows norton toolbar and blocks images can you help.

thanks Norma

  Secret-Squirrel 08:50 09 Nov 13

"I want a browser that allows norton toolbar and blocks images can you help."

The Firefox add-on "Image Block" should do what you want. You can get it from here. After installing it and restarting Firefox a new button will appear top right - see here. Clicking on it toggles the loading of images on or off. I've just tried it and it appears to work well.

  Norma123 10:39 09 Nov 13

Thanks for that


  NortonSupport 16:17 12 Nov 13

Hello Norma,

Sorry for the trouble. I am Vineeth and I am from the Norton Support team. The Norton Toolbar in the latest version of Norton products is not compatible with Firefox 22. Can you please let me know the version of your Norton product. To find the version number, open your Norton product, and then click Support > About.


Vineeth Norton Support

  bumpkin 17:55 12 Nov 13

"I am Vineeth and I am from the Norton Support team."

I doubt it, more likely spammer.

  lotvic 18:34 12 Nov 13

He posts as a volunteer on the Norton Community Forum, so seems a bit misleading to describe himself as "from the Norton Support team" as if he were an official employee representing Norton (when he is not).

  Forum Editor 22:08 12 Nov 13


Vineeth does indeed represent Norton.

  lotvic 22:50 12 Nov 13

Thanks for that FE, it removes any doubts :)

  bumpkin 09:39 13 Nov 13

Apologies to Vineeth in that case:-)

  NortonSupport 11:25 13 Nov 13

Hello all,

I am a Symantec employee and I am part of the Norton support team. lotvix is right, I also contribute on the Norton forums as a volunteer. If you have any queries with your Norton products, please let me know. I'd be glad to help!



  Secret-Squirrel 11:53 13 Nov 13

Vineeth, from what I can gather from Norma's post, she's using a later version of Firefox that is compatible with the Norton Toolbar so there's nothing that you need to sort out.

The Firefox add-on that I recommended means that her Firefox can now block images and run the Norton Toolbar.

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