Browser problems!!

  smugladybug 05 Nov 11

I have been using my laptop at my daughters via her internet connection with no problem. Since coming back from holiday I can connect to my own provider (Orange) but cannot browse to any web pages. I have tried system restore but makes no difference. I have a 2nd laptop which I use when I travel and use a USB connection (Orange) so I tried the USB connection on my home laptop and I can browse any webpages. Now I'm lost!! Is it my router that's the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Nov 11

Make model or router (Livebox?)

I think you may need to reset the WAP / WEP(security passphrase) in your laptop.

Can you connect to the router with a ethernet cable and browse the net?

  smugladybug 05 Nov 11

Thanks for reply Fruit Bat.

My router is Livebox.

I haven't tried the ethernet cable but I will give it a go.

Not sure how to reset the WAP/WEP code. Do you mean delete it and re-enter it? Do I go to Internet Options?

Help really appreciated.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Nov 11

IF the Livebox is switched off or powered down then it resets to it factory settings.

If you can connect to the livebox BUT NOT get any web pages to open you need to cahange the security setting in the live box.

To change the setting

  1. Connect to the live box with an ethernet cable.

  2. http://configuration.adsl/ or type http:// configuration.adsl/ (without the space) in your browser address line.

  3. you will now be connected to the livebox click on "Access to the configuration pages (access to these pages is restricted, you must have the password)."

  4. Input the username and password (admin for both if you have not changed it)

  5. Click Configuration - Advanced - Wireless

  6. You will see that it is set to WPA or WEP security click and set to WPA security only

  7. Click submit and wait for the livebox to reset itself.

  8. Disconnect the ethernet cable and you now should be able to connect by wireless


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