Browser Problem

  d1023 19:14 25 Jul 05

Hi, new to the forums so please be gentle.
We gave experainced problems with two websites (Virgin Trains - me and Sainsbury - Mrs) -
The Virgin site says "Unfortunately access to this resource has been denied, which could be due to a number of reasons." - When I contacted them I have had the standard questions and suggestions about enabling cookeis and Java Script which made no differnce.
The Sainsbury site says "I would therefore recommend clearing out the cache memory on your PC as this may be causing you a problem.

To do this in Internet Explorer:
1. Open up Internet Explorer.
2. Select Tools.
3. Select Internet options from the drop down menu.
4. Click on the General tab.
5. Where it says Temporary Internet files, Click on the button with Delete Files upon it.
6. Click OK.
7. Close down the browser and then re-open it again."
Which has been done -
When we load up the page we get the message "done" and Errors on page
Are these problems related or seperate and can any one help

  SEASHANTY 19:24 25 Jul 05

Try another browser. Download Firefox from here and see if still same problems click here

  keith-236785 19:59 25 Jul 05

follow steps 1-3 again, this time click the advanced tab (end one) then near the bottom click restore defaults

apply + ok, then click the general tab again, click on delete files (when the box appears, tick the delete offline clear history.

then after taking this in if you are sure, click delete cookies. (this will delete all saved login stuff so next time you visit sites that store info in cookies, you will need to log in again, IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF THESE, OR DONT WANT TO THEN IGNORE THIS STEP...........)


good luck

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