Browser Plug-Ins

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13

I need some advice on what plug-ins are all about.

Using a simple example - Firefox has an Adobe Reader plug-in and if I click on a pdf file on a site it opens it for me. If I disable the plug-in and then click on a pdf file on a web site it opens it for me!? The same happens in IE10.

I have just installed Sumatra to deal with pdf files and during the installation an option exists for installing a Firefox plug-in. Firefox deals with the pdf files whether or not that plug-in is installed.

What is the point? Or am I missing something?

By the way Sumatra knocks spots off Adobe Reader:-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Mar 13

The latest editions of those two browsers have built in pdf reader capability and therefore the plugins(required for previous versions) are no longer required.

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13

Fruit Bat

Thanks for your response but the pdf files were opening in either Adobe Reader or Sumatra NOT the built in Firefox reader.

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13

I have just checked both browsers. Neither have any pdf readers installed as plug-ins but both open pdf files in Sumatra.

  rdave13 10 Mar 13

Firefox and Chrome have now got a built in PDF reader. IE 10 hasn't. Your PDFs open in Sumatra as it's the default reader.

  lotvic 10 Mar 13

Just guessing, Probably a setting ticked/selected in Sumatra program preferences that makes it the default viewer in Browsers.

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13


I am trying to find out why you should have to install a Sumatra pdf plug-in with Firefox (and IE10) when it works perfectly without the plug-in and still opens in Sumatra and NOT the built in reader.


Sumatra is the default pdf reader but the Sumatra plug-in isn't installed but it still works. What is the point of the plug-in is my query.

  rdave13 10 Mar 13

I don't have any PDF reader plug-in in firefox and it opens PDFs in the browser page. As for IE 10 I use the reader tile (win 8) to read PDFs. So I assume you downloaded Sumatra so you could read PDFs in IE10? I then assume Sumatra takes over as default reader in any browser.

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13

I then assume Sumatra takes over as default reader in any browser

Yup I'm sure it does BUT why does it offer a plug-in for Firefox when a pdf file still opens in Sumatra (or Adobe Reader when installed) without the plug-in?

Adobe Reader and Sumatra install a plug-in in both IE10 and Firefox but both seem to work as a reader without it.

  lotvic 10 Mar 13

Maybe the 'plug-in(s)' just make an entry in the browser list so you can choose it or another one? Meaning if plug-in is not installed it doesn't appear in the list and Sumatra (or another) pdf reader is the default in Windows it is opened automatically.

  Pine Man 10 Mar 13


Good thinking. You might have hit the nail on the head! In theory you could have a different pdf reader in each of your browsers. Hmmmm I think I'll stick to Sumatra in both.

Thanks for your input.


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