Browser only doing half what it should

  jack 09:02 22 Jun 10

When firing up FireFox I do get the familiar 'FireFox.exe- entry point not found- blurb
but eventually it does find it self and comes on up.
Never have found a fix -on here or the Mozilla forum.

This morning even stranger.
On boot up a couple of FireFox up dates came in straight away,
FireFox its elf was in its ' Cant find' fix
When it did come up - although I could access book marks -Here/ my Mail Account./ BBC News etc.,
I could not carry out a new search in Google for example and only half the tool bar has presented its self.
So whats to do here- Reinstall FireFox?
Look for another type of problem?

  rawprawn 09:09 22 Jun 10

Uninstall Firefox using click here
then reinstall.

  jack 09:49 22 Jun 10

And all is well now
Thanx RP

  jack 09:51 22 Jun 10

The 'entry point' problem persists.

  cocteau48 10:07 22 Jun 10

Deleting Firefox only uninstalls the program but leaves your profile intact - so:

Try creating a new profile (no need to delete the old one - yet)click here

When you boot into Firefox it will give you the choice of which profile to use.
If by using the new one everything works OK then you know it's the old profile causing the problems.

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