browser filling 2/3 of screen

  3Toed 22:36 21 Apr 03

On opening ie6 in xp my default page, only uses 2/3 approx of screen-yet other pages displayed are ok.Is there a way of making cover the whole screen.I,m using a 17 ins monitor with res 1024 on.I know its only a minor problem,but it doen't half irritate me!
Thanks for any input.

  Djohn 23:01 21 Apr 03

This is common to quite a few sites, and I think it is to do with the way they are optimised for different browsers.

If you try the bbc home page, you will find this is the same. click here J.

  hugh-265156 23:02 21 Apr 03

when you open the browser click on and drag the window to fill the screen it should stay like that the next time you open it.

  hugh-265156 23:04 21 Apr 03

sorry click and drag bottom right of window

  3Toed 23:11 21 Apr 03

But the contents of the window-(the window does fill the screen)
Djohn-see what you mean Hmm-annoying

  MAJ 23:12 21 Apr 03

Or drag it to the full size as huggyg71 says, but hold down the Shift key as you close it. It should open that dragged size in future.

  MAJ 23:16 21 Apr 03

Both MSN and BBC sites look okay to me. Try running in 800 X 600 resolution see if that helps.

  Djohn 23:18 21 Apr 03

You should see them at 1600x1200, they take up only approx. 1/4 of the screen. :o)

  3Toed 23:20 21 Apr 03

it is fine in 800x600,but i would like to keep 1024-lots more to see,still open to ideas though Maj-thanks-but i think that Djohn's explanation holds true.

  slaveofconvention 23:22 21 Apr 03

This is an issue with the pages usually... More and more webdesigners are making pages exactly 795 pixels wide so they will look "perfect" at any resolution of 800x600 or higher... Apparently they think that they know better than the people who choose to pay the money for a monitor bigger than 15", and have decided that if you are doing that, then you will have to deal with the huge clear areas.....

  3Toed 23:32 21 Apr 03

Need an expanding and contracting monitor then slave?about right eh!Thanks for the info ;-)
you listening web designers?

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