Broken Usb Dongle

  rossgolf 16:14 02 Sep 08

i have a belkin usb wireless dongle and the usb connection has broken off inside, i have managed to get it open and it is safe to say the usb connection is knackered.
so is it possible to solder a new connection onto the Dongle circuit board?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 02 Sep 08

without seeing it it is hard to tell but if your are sure where the connections fit to the board then yes have a go at repairing it.

If unsure and you cross the connection then you could blow the USB fuse on the motherboard and there is NO repair for that.

  rossgolf 17:08 02 Sep 08

cant you just simply, unsolder the original and resolder a new one on?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 02 Sep 08

No, in the attempt you will wreck the motherboard.

  DieSse 17:26 02 Sep 08

"cant you just simply, unsolder the original and resolder a new one on?"

If you're talking about the connector on the cable to the wireless bit (and not in the computer) - then yes, you can solder a new one on - provided:-

You can get a solderable USB connector - usually these kind of things are crimped on.

You are VERY CAREFUL that you solder the correct wires onto the correct pins 100%.

  rossgolf 17:29 02 Sep 08

just to get rid of any confusion, im talking about the usb connection on the dongle its self, nothing to do with any usb on the computer mobo or anything,

i have a pci card that has several USB's on that are like extensions/added usbs click here . can i unsolder one of them and solder it on to the dongle. click here

  sinbads 17:38 02 Sep 08

Depends how good your soldering is i've just repaired mine one of the connectors had come loose. as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says care is needed

  sinbads 17:41 02 Sep 08

the ones on your first link are female you need a male connecter for your dongle

  DieSse 17:42 02 Sep 08

No - those on the board are sockets - you need a plug.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 02 Sep 08

at less than £15 its not worth the trouble to repair

click here

  rossgolf 19:47 02 Sep 08

yea i thought they would be cheap, but fancied seeing if it was possible,
i needed a challenge :D
looks like im gonna buy a new one den :D

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