broken spring

  chippy+ 15:35 13 Feb 07

hi when i turn off my pc just before the screen shuts off there's a noise like a spring twanging it is not a loud sound and the pc is working ok but i would like to find out what could be creating the noise Chippy

  silverous 16:12 13 Feb 07

Is it coming from the PC Speakers or the screen or inside the PC case?

  Graham. 16:16 13 Feb 07

Could this be the Critical Stop sound, folks?

  Arnie 19:59 13 Feb 07

You no doubt have a CRT monitor.
The sound you can hear is the degaussing circuit acting on the shadow mask.

The shadow mask sits behind the glass viewing window of your screen.
It can become magnetised, this deflects the three electronic beams which normally accurately hit the red, green and blue phosphors behind the face of the screen. The result will be a poor patchy colour display.

The degaussing circuit, (a large wound copper coil around the squared back of the tube), offers a controlled varying magnetic field which demagnetises the shadow mask. It is these mechanical components which can often be heard when switching on and off.

Don't worry about it.

  chippy+ 21:39 13 Feb 07

HI silverous,Graham,Arnie thanks for your help and yes arnie i am using a CRT monitor

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