broken computer case

  finerty 16:02 PM 20 Jun 11

I have a Foxconn G31MX Series motherboard and the case is broken can i just remove it and the psu and all the components and install them into a new case

  onthelimit1 16:06 PM 20 Jun 11

Yes, as long as the form factor is the same. Take anti static precautions.

  spuds 17:12 PM 20 Jun 11

Breaking a computer case can be very difficult to do, so if the case was dropped etc, then it might pay to check all the items before reassembly, especially if the computer as not been tested recently?.

  finerty 17:27 PM 20 Jun 11

thanks on the limit and you spuds the computer is working the top panel wont go back on all the components are working. would be grateful if nay one could recommend a case, the dimensions of the broke one are H:37cm L:43cm W:17 cm. Many thanks

  chub_tor 18:12 PM 20 Jun 11
  amonra 19:42 PM 20 Jun 11

If you are not too fussy about the physical appearance of your computer, have a look for someone who is throwing out an old machine and reuse the case. There are usually quite a few on the Freecycle web sites. Otherwise, try Ebuyer as chub_tor said earlier.

  Strawballs 00:29 AM 27 Jun 11

Local tip

  gengiscant 08:38 AM 27 Jun 11

Your Mobo, Foxconn is a mATX size motherboard so you are really only restrained by the amount of cash you want to spend.


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