Djpcex 20:52 27 Aug 06

My broadband connection gets disconnected often.. when i am in the middle of downloading something it gets disconnected and i have to start over again.. i am connecting through my ethernet card only not through usb still...

  mammak 22:18 27 Aug 06

A bit more info needed here in order for anyone to give you some help your isp, os any errors before you get disconnected maybe a browser error for instance.

ps. my post is not helpful I know but it will boost you back up top so as someone with more knowlage than I can help good luck.

  Djpcex 07:29 28 Aug 06

Okie thank you for that... it just disconnects saying "failied to connect" then it redials and gets connected.. but why is it disconnecting by itself..

  Eimy 07:55 28 Aug 06

I'm a newbie in wireless area. Anyway, last week I bought USB Wireless Adapter and plug in to my computer. Everything goes well until I plug in my USB printer. Connection to the Internet will automatically disconnected. When I unplug / shut down my printer the connection will be okay. What is the cause and how to solve this problem? Anyone can assist?

  MichelleC 08:04 28 Aug 06

Eimy, you'll have to post your own thread.

Djpcex, it could be a faulty filter, or it may be moisture getting in on the connections somewhere. We called out BT due to this and it was moisture on one of their connections.

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