Broadband..dropped connections

  ray7 21:51 09 Jul 03

I've recently installed BB an due to problems which are being resolved, I am unable to install the filters correctly. At present I have had to plug in the filter at the computer end of a BT extension lead. I am receiving BB o.k. but I keep receiving a message ....there was an error..please restart your computer and try again.

I have reported this to my provder who advises that this is due to the incorect configuration of the Filter.

Is this correct .

  Valvegrid 22:03 09 Jul 03

I'm watching your post slowly go down the page, so thought I better ask the question, what filters? What is it supposed to do?


  BillEmm 22:14 09 Jul 03

The filter is for the phone. Plug it into the BT socket that the phone is connected to then plug the phone into the filter. Connect your PC (ADSL modem) into the ADSL socket on the filter.
make sure you have a filter on each of all other phones and line equipment in your home.

  john-232317 22:16 09 Jul 03

I may be wrong but i think you only use the filters on the telephones in the house, not the pc

  ray7 23:08 09 Jul 03

Thanks for the response. BiiEmm.. I am aiming to configure in that way but until then, will it cause my connection to disconnect?

  ahales42 23:15 09 Jul 03

you don`t configure filters. simply plug it into the socket you normally put your dial up modem into. then attach your phone and bb modem. sorted.

  BillEmm 15:14 10 Jul 03

Unless you have a filter on your phone it will not work. Your line is now split into two (low frequency voice & high frequency ADSL) and if the filter is not connected to the phone the ADSL frequencies will interfere with its operation. The filter is required to remove the higher frequency ADSL signals from reaching your telephone.

Hope this is clearer.


  ray7 16:01 10 Jul 03

Thanks BiiEmm. The Broadband does work so I presume your are saying it will affect the connection if the filters are installed correctly.

ahales42. When I say configure, I mean plugged in correctly....which I am not able to do at present

  JohnB 14:13 06 May 05

Where can one obtain extra filters; can one's ISP provide or Maplins for example?
Any help gratefully received.

  JohnB 14:15 06 May 05


My ISP is Wanadoo Speedtouch

  Magik ®© 14:22 06 May 05

BT sell the filters as do Maplins, as for the filters themselves,as was said above, you only put the filter into the socket where there is a phone, the PC does not need it is one filter for each phone....of course, if the phone is in the same socket as the PC, then both are plugged into the filter...

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