Broadband Woes

  AbodeMilano 10:17 04 Apr 04

I was just wondering, I hear a lot about data caps, and as I would be playing alot of online games then this is going to be a problem, is there an ISP that delivers unlimited data usage?

  kingkenny 10:19 04 Apr 04

I think the data caps are to do with downloads and not internet traffic.

  AbodeMilano 10:20 04 Apr 04

but when you play, surely that counts as downloading because you are constantly updating information which is that same principle? Also are there session limit? eg the 56k 2 hour rule.

  kingkenny 10:37 04 Apr 04

No its completely different, these limits, like the one NTL introduced are to limit the amount of downloads. This is directed at P2P networks such as Kazaa and the like where people share files. Its not a limit on information through browsing or playing games.

I play online games and can be on for 4-5 hours at a time with no issues because its a different type of internet traffic.

  AbodeMilano 10:41 04 Apr 04

Also I dont know how Broadband works, YOu have your modem, which plugs into your pc, and is an external thing, but what is a router/splitter for.

  kingkenny 10:48 04 Apr 04

Those are for connecting several pcs to your Broadband connection.

Your connection to broadband works from your phone line through a device called a microfilter, which splits the info up into voice and data so you can still use the phone.

The cable then goes into a ASDL modem and then usually connects via a USB port on your pc.

  kingkenny 10:51 04 Apr 04

Try here this will give you a lot of info

click here

  AbodeMilano 11:00 04 Apr 04

thanks Kenny you have been very helpfull.

  kingkenny 11:10 04 Apr 04

not a problem :)

What packages are you looking at for your Broadband anyway?

  Cybermaxx 11:47 04 Apr 04

Pipex offers unlimited downloads. Many others probably also do, but that's the one I'm with.

  AbodeMilano 12:02 04 Apr 04

I would like a 1mb line, mainly for gaming and downloading the usual stuff, patches etc. Don't really surf the netm uch. Not sure if BT supply 2mb lines? Becasue then I could share the connection with my mum and half the cost.

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