broadband who else is discriminated against?

  papillion 14:16 27 Apr 03

I just wonder is anyone like me who lives in a rural area has NO chance of broadband, we are not in the limit for BT, no cable, nothing and lately a company doing a limited wirless trial initiative has because we have a agricultural address won't let us sign up for the limited trial, even though were a private household, what experience has others had, or are we rural folks being had?

  devilsprofessor 14:42 27 Apr 03

Not sure if this is any use b\c personally I'm a city peep but, if u have a phone line and its BT who u r with then try asking em why they can't upgrade yer line to ADSL (broadband).
See I'm with BT and AOL broadband and all I had to do was order AOL Broadband and AOL got BT to update my line to ADSL and u don't get a charge for it. Although they did have to check my phone number was and my line cud have this conversion.
Finally AOL told me that they cover 98% of Britain. I'm sure more than the other 2% is rural!
Hope that helped if any

  ^wave^ 14:43 27 Apr 03

well to be honest i am pleased with my ntl dial up and it may be slower than broadband but its a lot cheaper to and the net is only as quick as the slowest point too

  graham√ 14:47 27 Apr 03

Do you mean you are too far from the BT exchange?

  Goldcroft 14:54 27 Apr 03

As someone from another no-broadband area, Papillion, just look at the situation from another angle: would you prefer to have broadband and live in the middle of some awful city or be where you are in a rural location, where, like myself, you can have your bedroom windows open at night, if that is, you can survive the dawn chorus.

  Confab 15:05 27 Apr 03

Check out the July edition of PC Advisor. Hopefully it may have some good news for people like you who can't get BB at the moment.


  papillion 15:06 27 Apr 03

yes goldcroft you can have your window open unless someone is spreading s####, its the principle if like its been said 98% can be covered which I doubt very much its just spin, as we'er over 5km from an exchange unles things change weather one is a buisness or not in our area we would see pigs fly before broadband came here, and yes MY ntl is good to, thats all.

You will find that the 98% covered is population, not area. There's a considerable difference.

  graham√ 15:45 27 Apr 03

Let's be philosophical about this. Many people in the world don't have a water supply to their home, just a bucket. They are not being discriminated against, they just live too far from the well. I'm sorry, but you've only got a bucket at the moment.

  ardvarc 16:49 27 Apr 03


I think that is a rather crude and stupid answer to a honest question. There is absolutely no comparison to Broadband and people dying of thirst, some of whom were trodden on by our 'Great' country. I hope your bl**dy roof gets a great big hole in it.

  Confab 17:06 27 Apr 03

graham√ didn't mention anything about people dying of thirst, just they may live too far from the well. Lighten up mate, it was just a comparison. Have a cup of tea and chill out a bit.


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