Broadband using Ethernet or USB connection

  as400man 07:54 27 Jan 03

I am about to install ntl broadband (from set top box) and ntl advise connecting via USB. However someone told me that an ethernet connection is better for bandwidth. I can connect either way. Any idea if either is better than the other?

  Andsome 08:29 27 Jan 03

I have used USB on my previous computer, but when I had this one built I included an ethernet card. This was due to the general consensus on previous threads that this was better. I cannot say that I have noticed any difference myself, but then I didn't really expect to, as this computer is like a ferrari compared with a trabbant when compared with my last machine. It is a pity that it is now so difficult to do a site search since the changes, but I do seem to recall a large majority of all the site egg heads, came down on the side of ethernet. I myself discssed it with an NTL engineer, and he said go for ethernet. DO HOWEVER remove your old dial up account first, as many have experienced conflicts, I did on my old machine.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:42 27 Jan 03

Been using USB on Telewest connection and its fine really. Real reason for doing it was that it saved adding another NIC to connect the whole lot to a network and share the connection. That has since changed, but the cable modem is still on the USB port.

If you are short os USB ports use a NIC, if USB ports aren't a problem and/or you don't have a NIC then don't worry too much.

  BRYNIT 10:12 27 Jan 03

With NTL BB I found less problems using Ethernet it also free up usb for other things.

  mark3110 10:18 27 Jan 03

Ethernet also uses less processor power then USB. USB can use quite a lot of resouces I changed to ethernet and found things a bit easier and quicker.



  Tazfan 10:52 27 Jan 03

Ethernet. I dont know anyone who uses USB. Loads of my mates have BB, and they all use Ethernet, as do I. At first, when I had BB (2 years ago {TIME FLIES!!!]) USB wasnt supported by NTL, and they said that the best way to connect was Ethernet. Last I heard, they still did suggest Ethernet. They have obviously changed their minds.

  jazzypop 11:40 27 Jan 03

I have been asked to investigate several NTL cable modems that were not performing as expected in terms of bandwidth.

Without exception, changing from USB to Ethernet gave a noticeable improvement.

  as400man 17:27 28 Jan 03

I went with ethernet and it's great.
Thanks again

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